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Events • 2023-24

Sports Day which was held on 26th January was a vibrant celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and unbridled enthusiasm. The air was charged with the spirit of competition as athletes showcase
Step into the magical world of talent at Akshara High School! On December 23, 2023, our hardworking students took center stage, presenting an array of incredible performances. From the adorable Penguin dance to the
Young minds from across the globe converged for the prestigious Inter-School Elocution Competition, an online gathering of talent, uniting participants from India to Indonesia to Pakistan.
The tenth Akshara Book Week was an enchanting fusion of literature, creativity, and the power of storytelling that left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.
Under 17 boys team from Akshara High School participated in the regional Kho Kho tournament on 20th August 2023 where they won third place in the above-mentioned tournament.
“The right to be respected is won by respecting others”. This Independence Day, let’s pledge to respect each other’s freedom.
Akshara High School proudly celebrates the success of our under 17 Boys team at the AISM Zonal Kho-Kho Tournament! 
From 19th to 24th June, Akshara High School celebrated Science Week, a captivating journey into scientific exploration.

Events • 2022-23

With volunteers from Havas Group India, students of Akshara High School painted the solar system on the school wall!
Our teachers visited our favourite bookstore Kahani Tree to prepare for Book Week!
Experienced professionals from Havas Group India conducted upskilling workshops for students of Akshara High School.
Akshara’s Arts for All initiative led our students to discover the power of creativity and the bonds between parents and children with
Akshara’s exciting journey with Viveick Rajagopalan’s Ta Dhom project began in 2022.
Akshara High School was privileged to have Vara Mohini Dhanrajgir on board as a Stop Motion Animation mentor for the children.
Doing our bit for the environment has always been one of Akshara’s priorities.
Noted theatre personality Sanjna Kapoor spent time inspiring the senior students at Akshara High School,
Akshara High School celebrated our 16th Founder’s Day with all our children in school.
Social media posts were created for The Binod Kanoria Children Books Awards by the Junior Journalists Bhaskar Gupta
Knowing and appreciating regional literature is a part of growing up in Akshara.
The festive season triggers the artists in us. To give in to this urge, students from grade six to grade ten at Akshara High School
Akshara High School celebrated its annual sports day where the small kids enthralled the audience with their acrobatic, hula-hoop, and many more displays.
During Akshara High School’s much-awaited Annual Day, Day One saw two skits.
We strive to take it up a notch every year. 2022 was no different! This year, the annual Book Week at Akshara focused on themes

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© 2023 Akshara High School. All Rights Reserved.