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Little Kids, Big Adventures From Nursery to Senior Kg.

Project Based Learning

Emphasis is on Project based learning that integrates the text book content with experiential knowledge through innovative classroom activities and practical lessons

Our teaching philosophy

Children learn spontaneously through ‘Child-centered’ activities in a prepared environment, without external pressures. At Akshara we equip the child through multi-sensorial stimulation. Activities and projects are designed to integrate subjects like language, mathematics, science, art, sports, dance, music, etc using a variety of methodology, thereby overcoming artificial subject barriers.

This enables children to have a more practical and realistic view of the world around them. As the learning process is based on hands-on experience and exploration by the students, the role of the teacher becomes that of a facilitator. Students are encouraged to take an active part in their own learning and to use their own initiative to develop into independent learners with a strong desire to think critically.

Our curriculum is designed to be thought-provoking and with the aim of helping our students to become life-long learners. We believe the content and process of learning should be appropriate for each age and stage of development of the child. The curriculum focuses on physical, sensory, cognitive, language, social, emotional, personal, and aesthetic aspects, thereby developing the ‘whole child’.


The ICSE Council prescribes syllabuses in various subjects of examination for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (Classes IX & X) and for the Indian School Certificate (Classes XI & XII) examinations. The ICSE Council does not prescribe syllabuses or courses of study for Classes I to VIII but it recommends that Schools affiliated to the Council follow the syllabuses for various subjects prepared by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.

These sections are for students from 6 to 15 years and include classes from Standard I to X. Emphasis is on Project based learning that integrates the text book content with experiential knowledge through innovative classroom activities and practical lessons. Activities include field trips, regular classroom discussions, model-making, use of the arts and the crafts in day-to-day learning processes.

IX and X curriculum is designed as per guidelines regulated and formulated by CISCE Board (ICSE).


National Policy on Education 1986/92, ‘school

system of continuous assessment

Based on day-to-day observations of each student’s work in class. The focus is on the child’s individual progress in comparison to himself / herself and not in comparison to his / her classmates

We do not conduct formal examinations, but instead we conduct periodic testing through a variety of oral and written tasks and assignments included in the class work at school. At the secondary and higher secondary level examinations shall be conducted along with continuous assessment.

Exam Passing Criteria

The ICSE Board has recommended the following criteria for the promotion of students in Schools affiliated to the Council.

Classes I and II

Ordinarily, promotion should be automatic. N.B. There should be no formal examinations and the assessment should be carried out by the teacher on the students’ day to day work.

Classes VI to VIII

Candidates should pass in English, an Indian Language and Mathematics, and attain a satisfactory standard in other prescribed subjects at the examination. The evaluation of the work of the students should be on the basis of both the result of an examination and of the work done during the year. The two aspects namely the examination and the year’s work should be given equal emphasis

Continuous assessment Year’s Work


Terminal Examination


Classes IX and X

Promotion Criteria as laid down by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, under conditions for the award of an ICSE (Class X) Pass Certificate.

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© 2023 Akshara High School. All Rights Reserved.