High School

Wall Painting

With volunteers from Havas Group India, students of Akshara High School painted the solar system on the school wall!

Visit to Kahani Tree

Our teachers visited our favourite bookstore Kahani Tree to prepare for Book Week!

Upskilling by professionals

Experienced professionals from Havas Group India conducted upskilling workshops for students of Akshara High School. Through these hour-long training sessions, volunteers from Havas Group India visit AFAL premises to interact with the students, imparting training on 3 topics: Design Thinking, Public Speaking and Introduction To Art. The curated sessions are designed to provide the students […]

Theatre Visit

Akshara’s Arts for All initiative led our students to discover the power of creativity and the bonds between parents and children with Akvarious Productions’ latest play, “Homi – A Coming of Age Story”. Based on the work of Pierre Pichot and adapted by Director Akarsh Khurana, this slice-of-life comedy follows the journey of Homi, an […]

Ta Dhom

Akshara’s exciting journey with Viveick Rajagopalan’s Ta Dhom project began in 2022. Through this initiative, our children will be exposed to Konnakol, a vocal percussion art form that is more than 5000 years old. The idea behind Ta Dhom is the synergy between two worlds, two ideas, and two cultures. The objective is not to […]

Stop Motion Animation Session

Akshara High School was privileged to have Vara Mohini Dhanrajgir on board as a Stop Motion Animation mentor for the children. She has over eight years of experience mentoring and facilitating customized stop-motion animation movie-making programs amalgamating tactile mixed media materials with digital software. The amazing animator has worked with schools and communities in many […]

Solar Panel installation

Doing our bit for the environment has always been one of Akshara’s priorities. We’re so excited to have embarked on yet another step towards our dream of a better, safer, environment-friendly world in 2022.

Sanjana Kapoor Supports AFAL

Noted theatre personality Sanjna Kapoor spent time inspiring the senior students at Akshara High School, encouraging them to take the leap of faith and believe in themselves!

Founder’s Day: 2022-23

Akshara High School celebrated our 16th Founder’s Day with all our children in school. Everyone spent the day painting our four trees, which are our four schoolhouses – Neem, Gulmohar, Banyan and Raintree

Junior Journalists – The Binod Kanoria

Social media posts were created for The Binod Kanoria Children Books Awards by the Junior Journalists Bhaskar Gupta and Alya Fernandes, both students of Akshara High School! They were selected by the team of Peek A Book – Festival of Children’s Literature, the organisers of the Junior Journalist for BK Awards Programme for school children.

© 2023 Akshara High School. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Akshara High School. All Rights Reserved.