About Akshara High School

school_profile2Akshara High School began with the concept of creating a friendly environment for the education of children in the vicinity of their homes. Over the past eight years we have successfully developed ourselves as a ‘Neighbourhood School’ in Kandivili, Mumbai.

Akshara was founded in 2005 by the (VSPM). The school’s motto is to focus on social inclusion for educational and economic growth and to level inequalities ingrained due to gender, caste, economic and religious discrimination. Education in today’s economic realities is an expensive option for parents of young children. While we aim to provide education at par with the foremost educational institutions in India, we cannot make the process of education expensive and inaccessible to people from the middle and economically weaker strata of society. So to make education affordable and accessible, the fee structure at the school has been kept at a basic minimum. Keeping the above in mind, the School has to provide the funds for the infrastructure, educational material as well as better pay scales for teaching and non-teaching staff.

Akshara receives no grants or funding from government agencies. Currently all funds are being raised through fees, but these are school_profile1insuffcient to meet the actual expenses towards providing the required infrastructure and running costs of the school. We are determined to provide subsidised education that can cater to all sections of society and to achieve this we seek funding from institutions in the form of grants and collaborations.

1) Co-educational English Medium School
3) Education from Pre-Primary to Standard X.
4) Limited number of students per class. (Most schools in Mumbai have 40 to 80 students per class). We hope to ensure a better one-to-one learning environment by keeping maximum 25 students per class.
5) For the academic year 2018/19 Akshara High School has:

  1. Pre Primary Section – Junior KG, Senior KG
  2.  Primary School Section – Std. I to IV
  3.  Middle School Section – Std. V to VII
  4.  Higher School Section – Std. VIII to X

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