ptaAt Akshara High School it is our belief that a strong bond between parents-teachers-school management is the key to providing a learning environment. The PTA members shall include one parent representative from each class and the respective class teachers. The members shall be elected for a period of one academic year.

The PTA shall be the vital link between the school management and the parents of Akshara’s students. The PTA shall encourage active involvement of parents in various school activities. The PTA members shall assist the school to ensure smooth functioning through the year, as well as help in organizing special events like the Founder’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali celebrations, Navratri, Christmas, etc.

Parent Teacher Association Members 2016 – 19

  Parent Representative  
Class Teacher
Std. I
Mrs. Waghela
Advika Waghela
Ms. Afshin
Std. II
Mrs. Shweta Rao
Ruhaan Rao
Ms. Jital
Std. III
Ms. Tasneem Pendi
Rashida Pendi
Ms. Kaynat
Std. IV
Mr. Khyati Parmar
Aashi Parmar
Ms. Shweta
Std. V
Mrs.Vaishali Nalawade
Pranjali Nalawade
Ms. Heena
Std. VI
Ms. Purvi Shah
Aalap Shah
Ms. Clara
Std. VII
Mr. Sunil Gurao
Samarth Gurao
Ms. Rujuta
Ms. Suthan Kottari
Aditya Kottari
Ms. Akshata
Std. IX
Ms. Suchita Srivastava
Lakshya Srivastava
Ms. Angela
Std X
Ms. Chetna Sangani
Krishna Sangani
Ms. Sangeeta

Parent Orientation Programme
Orientation Meetings are held at the beginning of each academic year for parents to understand the methodology of our teaching. We encourage our teachers to facilitate the parents in learning what to expect from their children, to understand the processes of learning as well as support the efforts made by the school.

How can parents give voluntary help to Akshara?

  • Help in spreading the word about our school so that we can get more admissions as we grow each year.
  • Provide expertise or material support in their respective field.
  • Conduct lectures or demonstrations or workshops for students, parents, teachers in an area of their interest or speciality.
  • Help teachers in supervising practice sessions for sports activities and cultural activities.

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