Recognition / registration
Q. To which board is the school affiliated?
A. Akshara School is affiliated to the ICSE Board, New Delhi. We also have an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Govt. of Maharashtra for affiliation to the ICSE Board.

Q. What is the difference between ICSE and CBSE Board?
A. These are two different all-India education boards with head offices in New Delhi.
ICSE Examination – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination, this is the Std.10 Board examination conducted by the CISCE – Council for The Indian Schools Certificate Examinations. The Council also conducts the Std. XII Examination called ISC.
CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education which conducts Std.X and Std.XII Examinations.

Q. Is the school recognized by the government?
A. The School is built on a plot allotted for a secondary school building by the MHADA (Mumbai Housing Area Development Authority) and has received all necessary permissions for the same. The School has an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Govt. of Maharashtra for affiliation to the ICSE Board.

Course and standards offered
Q. Up to which standard is the school going to have in the future?
A. For the academic year 2014-15 the school has classes from Nursery to Std.X

Q. How many section/division per standard do you have?
A. We have only one section/division per standard.

Q. How many years has the school completed?
A. The school has completed 7 academic years.

Q.What is the total strength of students?
A. The total strength of students is 200+.

Q.What is the teacher-student ratio per class?

Selection of students
Q. What is the process of selection for admission?
A. Admission is provided on first-come-first-served basis as per availability of seats. Maximum seats in pre-primary section per class would be 20 and in Std. I to X would be 30.

Q. Is there any entrance test or interview of students at the time of admission?
No admission tests shall be conducted, either for children or for parents from Nursery to Std IV.

For higher standard proficiency in English, Maths and Science will be assessed.
Q. Are there seats reserved as per norms of the RTE Act?
A. Fee sponsorship is available as per RTE Act.

Q. Does the school give admission to children with special needs?
A. We follow a policy of inclusion and admission shall be granted on case-to-case basis. Admission shall be given, depending on the child’s special needs and the support / facilities the school can provide at the time of admission.

Teaching philosophy, methodology, curriculum, syllabus

Q. What is the school’s approach to learning?
A. Our curriculum is designed to be thought-provoking and with the aim of helping students to become life-long learners. We believe the content and process of learning should be appropriate for each age and stage of development of the child. The curriculum focuses on physical, sensory, cognitive, language, social, emotional, personal, and aesthetic aspects, thereby developing the ‘whole child’.

Q. Do you take your students for Field trips? Where and how often?
A. Yes. Students are taken for field trips two to four times a year, depending on their class. The choice of venue depends on the Project of the month for the respective class or on the theme of the month for the school.

Q. Is Marathi compulsory?
A. Yes, Marathi is compulsory for all students up to Std VII.

Q. What textbooks are being used?
A. We are using a combination of textbooks published by reputed publishers like Orient Blackswan, Oxford India, Madhuban, Frank Brothers, S Chand and Selina among others. All textbooks are based on the syllabus prescribed by the Inter-state Board for Anglo Indian Education and the NCERT.

Q. Do you use worksheets / skill sheets?
A. Yes, we do give worksheets / skill sheets on a regular basis.

Q. When do you begin writing?
A. Writing readiness activities are started in Nursery, whereas basic writing skills are started in Junior KG and writing simple words and sentences is started in Senior KG.

Q. What writing pattern do you follow – cursive writing or print?
A. We follow print style from the Pre-primary onwards. Some students join us after completing their Pre-primary at another school or even midway through primary and hence they are more familiar with cursive writing. In such cases we do not force the child to change his / her way of writing. Both cursive and print form are accepted by the teachers.

Q. What is the assessment pattern followed?
A. System of Continuous Assessment is followed. This is in tune with the National Policy on Education 1986/92. Assessment is based on day-to-day observations of each student’s work in class as well as summative assessment for Std V and above.

Q. Do you have exams? What is the pattern?
A. Examinations are conducted from Std V onwards. The pattern is as per guidelines laid down by the ICSE Board.

Q. Assessment is written or oral?
A. Assessment is based on a variety of oral and written assignments.

Q. Do you have weekly or / and monthly tests?
A. Assessment is an ongoing process through the year. Regular tests are conducted as part of the continuous assessment.

Q. Is the classroom setup conducive for teaching?
A.Yes. All classrooms are large, naturally lit and well ventilated. Classrooms are well-equipped with learning aids and teaching materials.
Q. Does the school have a library?
A. Yes. We have a well-equipped library with story books, picture books, magazines, encyclopedias, reference books and other publications in English, Hindi, Marathi and other languages. Additionally every class has a library corner.

Q. Will the parents be allowed to access library books?
A. Yes, but for reference only.

Q. Does the school have a playground?
A. Yes. The School has a large playground plus a play area with outdoor equipment and a sand pit for the Pre-Primary students. Equipment for track and field events, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, table tennis, etc. is provided by the school.

Q. Is there a canteen?
A. Currently we do not have canteen facility, but we do propose to have the canteen ready in the near future.

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Notice Board

26th Nov Book Week begins
1st Oct Book Exhibition
3rd Oct 1st Term exam begins - std 5 to 8
2nd Term exam begins - std  9 & 10
5th Oct Dussehra
17th Oct Exam ends - std 5 to 10