Akshara High School is managed by a School Managing Committee under the guidance of our trustees.

1) The education imparted aims at promoting the growth and integration of all facets of the child’s personality, in an ambience of Indian culture, by providing quality education and opportunities for excellence to all.
2) To enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes through an activity and inquiry-based learning programme.
3) To develop student potential.
4) To learn to respect cultural diversity and secular values. To sensitise children to appreciate our cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on the culture of the community in and around the school.
5) To develop concern for the needs of others and compassion towards fellow humans.
6) To create awareness of the environment and their responsibility to conserve it.

We are also supported by Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning which regularly sponsors and manages art-programmes, events and facilities at Akshara. AFAL is a not-for- profit trust established with the aim of integrating education and the arts. Akshara is one of the initiatives supported by AFAL apart from varied projects focusing on development of the arts, workshops, publications, films, research and other activities.
The Trust is registered under societies Registration Act 1860 and also under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.